We know that sometimes life is to hectic to share important information with the other busy moms out in the world. We hope that this blog can solve that problem, but being your busy mom community. Blogamama.com is the “answer central” for busy moms.

Have a question? Do a search and see if any of the other busy moms have blogged about the same experience.

Had an experience that you want other busy moms to know about? Blog about it, and let the community comment on it. The conversation can continue that way, without ever leaving the house and it can be on your schedule!

Blogging even beats email. The conversation is all in one place and can be global. You never know what other ideas busy moms have in other parts of the world. We are your one-stop directory of mom blogs. If you are a busy mom who loves to blog, contact us and we will place a link of your blog in our blog directory. It is a great way for busy moms to meet each other, learn more about each other, and become friends with one another. It can be a small world even for busy moms!